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WiBRATE summer school

Cyber Physical Systems for Industrial Applications:

Wireless self-powered vibration monitoring and control

Lugano (Switzerland),  September 8-10, 2014    

Keywords: Energy Harvesting, Wireless Communication, Vibration Monitoring

This summer school explores new paradigms and techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) in an industrial setting. Cyber-Physical Systems have computations, reasoning, and communication highly embedded in and interacting with physical objects. Typical examples of CPS can be found in manufacturing, robotics, and transport.

Since CPS cover multiple technologies that are closely interacting, researchers and designers that want to advance in this interdisciplinary emerging domain, need to have a basic understanding of the various system components and technologies forming a typical Cyber-Physical System.

Starting from case studies provided by Centro Ricerche FIAT, Honeywell, Perpetuum and Siemens this summer school will introduce participants to theoretical approaches and practical aspects of industrial CPS solutions design. The school will focus on typical industrial issues such as wireless communication, energy harvesting and vibration analysis, monitoring and control. Hands-on experiences on actual Cyber-Physical Systems will complete the school.

The Summer School will take place in Lugano, in the heart of the Italian-speaking Canton of Switzerland. It will provide participants with the unique opportunity of combining theoretical aspects of Cyber Physical Systems with real industrial case studies and hands-on experiences.

The School is organized by the EU FP7 project - WIBRATE. The Coordinator of WiBRATE, Prof. Paul Havinga of University of Twente, is the Scientific Coordinator of the Summer School.


  • Cyber Physical Systems for industry
  • Vibration analysis, monitoring and control
  • Wireless communication for industrial applications
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Energy Harvesting
  • System of systems modeling

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